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Lyman High School is committed to providing educational opportunities that will prepare and empower students for an ever changing global society.

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Become a Business Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a business partner with Lyman High School. There are 2 different partnerships available. A business/organization can choose to work with Lyman High School as a whole or more specifically with the Institute for Engineering. (The Institute for Engineering is a Magnet program within Lyman High School. If your business is related to math, science, or engineering you could work specifically with the Institute for Engineering).

Lyman High School is located in the suburban community of Longwood and is a Seminole County public high school. Lyman High School is a comprehensive high school with an approximate enrollment of 2,240 students. It serves partial communities of Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Winter Springs and Maitland. In addition to the rigorous academic programs students can participate in sports, clubs, fine arts, and the Institute for Engineering.\

The Institute was developed to prepare students for further study at the college level or to begin a career in a related field of engineering after graduation. The students are exposed to integrated curriculum methodology and nontraditional teaching strategies in an environment that nurtures their creative spirit. The Institute provides a high school experience beyond the classroom walls that includes field trips, internships and mentoring from local industries. This is where we need your help.

We need professionals in industry that will be willing to work with Lyman High School or the Institute to provide our students with “real world” experiences and exposure to current technology and industry trends.  You  can assist us in this endeavor by (1) providing professionals who are willing to mentor students (2) allow students to tour your facility and interact with your professionals’(3) allow students to intern at your business for a semester and receive hands on experience in your particular field and (4) donate time/money at Lyman events.   

If you are interested please contact Joannie Shalls, Institute Facilitator. Each organization needs to fill out a Seminole County Public Schools Business agreement form. Please fill out the form and return the white form to Lyman High School. Please keep the yellow form for your records. If you like more information please let us know and we would be delighted to visit your business to share more information about Lyman High School and/or our Institute of Engineering Magnet Program.

The faculty at Lyman thanks you in advance for your time and consideration!