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Bi-monthly Engineering Newsletter

September 2016

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) - Students have been been busy learning about the design process through various hands-on activities. They are learning that each time you solve a problem, a design process is used.  Students were assigned to teams and given the task to brainstorm ways to enhance or change a plain white beverage container so that nearly every consumer would want to purchase it.  Teams presented their final products to the class for a question and answer discussion.  Students are now engaging in research on the variety of engineering disciplines. Throughout these activities, students have been provided a foundation for engineering knowledge and professional practices that will be used through this and other Engineering courses, as well as throughout a student’s career. 

Principles of Engineering (POE) -  Principles of Engineering students began the semester completing requirements for dual enrollment at Seminole State covering topics such as complex equations, systems of equations, quadratic equations, and angular geometry. We have also started our study of simple machines such as pulleys, wheel and axles, inclined planes, screws, and levers. They are currently building a simple machine test-bed utilizing VEX components to test what they have learned through lectures.

Engineering Design and Development (EDD) – Students have studied and practiced early steps of the design process using a prosthetic kit model.  Students are researching to justify their problem statement and design ideas.  Students have upcoming competitions and STEM participations to look forward to, including:  Lyman Showcase; The Conrad Spirit of Innovation; SCPS Science Fair; Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams; and other participation in STEM areas.  Students will work on a year-long, open ended project following and documenting a design process.  Their project may end with a working product, mock-up, prototype or concept model.

Aerospace Engineering (AE) -Students are learning about the physics of flight, how changes in aircraft design effect controllability, and how atmospheric conditions can be important to commercial and military flights.

Student will be designing and 3D printing airfoils to be tested in the wind tunnel in the coming weeks.


Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) - Students have been learning that architecture and civil engineering boast a vast history of accomplishments in their respective fields. They have been researching and learning about the training required for Civil Engineering and Architecture, and also discovering that each discipline offers a rich variety of specialties.  Students had the opportunity to choose one specific career, research it, and create a video of themselves being interviewed about their chosen career.  This fun activity helped provide a foundation and perspective for students regarding careers as they venture through the remainder of the course. 

Environmental Sustainability (ES) – Students have completed Unit 1 which covers an introduction to Environmental Sustainability. Students have been thinking, in global terms, how population increase is affecting what is happening on the planet. We have learned about some grass root programs that are being used to recycle materials to help impoverished areas of the world. Students made their own recycled reinventions to understand that we all have to do our part to maintain the planet. Ideas ranged from games to simple water filters and students presented their ideas to the class.

Digital Electronics (DE) –Students jumped right in to their first week of school coding “Sketches,” Arduino C/C++ based programs.  The students used the Arduino Microcontroller and sketches to learn about basic electronic components and circuits.  Students are learning to measure voltage, resistance and current and solving equations using Ohm’s Law, Kirchoff’s Voltage Law and Kirchoff’s Current Law.  Students are learning about scientific, engineering, and SI Unit notations and conversions to apply in electronic circuits.  Students will continue to develop their knowledge of series and parallel circuits using circuit design software (Multisim).  Students are learning to transfer their knowledge and skills for electronics from hand calculations to circuit design software to building electronic circuits in the lab.

SECME Club will be meeting Tuesday, September 20th and October 4th to prepare for the season designs, builds, and competitions.

CyberPatriot Team will be starting this year with a meeting Tuesday Sept 20th.

National Technical Honor Society for juniors and seniors with an un-weighted overall GPA of 3.0 and an un-weighted CTE GPA of 3.5 or higher, will be meeting Tuesday, September 20th

Robotics - CODING!!!  Upperclassmen are learning C++ programming language as the underclassmen are being introduced to robotic control with Sphero robots.  The Lyman Robotics Club is up and running!!!  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-5pm! All students welcome!!